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Thursday 16 August 2018

2019 Appropriation Bill Requires Mobilization to Implement Royal Instructions, Government Commitments

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2019 Appropriation Bill Requires Mobilization to Implement Royal Instructions, Government Commitments

The drafting of the 2019 appropriation bill calls for the intensification of mobilization to implement the Royal instructions and honor the commitments of the government program, as well as to find adequate and prompt solutions to the urgent concerns of citizens, said the Head of Government's office.

As part of the implementation of the government program's commitments, and in order to interact with the legitimate expectations of citizens, four priorities were set under the appropriation bill, namely: the prioritization of social policies and social protection programs, the acceleration of the social dialogue process and the support for citizens' purchasing power, the continuation of major projects and sectoral strategies to guarantee conditions for economic take-off and the support for investment and entrepreneurship, in addition to the continuation of major reforms, said the Head of government's office in a note on the 2019 draft appropriation bill.

HM King Mohammed VI called, in his lastest Throne Speech, for a comprehensive and far-reaching restructuring of national programs and policies in the field of support and social protection, with a view to achieving the expected objectives regarding the effective targeting of eligible social segments, the note recalled.

It also stressed that the Sovereign had highlighted in his recent speeches the obstacles facing the development model, while calling for a comprehensive review of this model through the reorganization of its economic and social priorities and its central and territorial governance system and all its dimensions.

In order to elaborate the proposals of the 2019 appropriation bill, the government is attached to fundamental orientations, notably the control of civil servants' expenditure, the rationalization of equipment expenditure, the acquisition and rental of cars, the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, as well as the rationalization of the use of water resources and micro-irrigation techniques for green areas, as part of the 2030 national strategy for sustainable development, said the same source.

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