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Monday 3 November 2014

37th Conference Of African Parliamentary Union Opens In Rabat

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37th Conference Of African Parliamentary Union Opens In Rabat

 Speaker Of Moroccan House Elected President Of African Parliamentary Union

   Speaker of the Moroccan House of representatives Rachid Talbi Alami was elected on Sunday president of the African parliamentary Union, which held in Rabat its 37th Conference and the 65th session of its executive committee.

   The Moroccan official said this election comes in recognition of Morocco's painstaking efforts to support African causes and vowed to secure the Union's active presence at the United Nations and to promote Africa's parliamentary action through training sessions and meetings with legislators from the Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

    He also voiced resolve to expand the role of the African parliamentary union to take on challenges facing African law-making bodies, before calling countries represented in the session to overcome conflicts undermining the continent resources and tap on human intelligence to build a future matching the African people's aspirations. 

   The African parliamentary union is an inter-parliamentary organization established in 1976 in Abidjan. It comprises 40 member-states, in addition to observer-states.

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37th Conference Of African Parliamentary Union Opens In Rabat

The 37th Conference of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) opened Saturday in Rabat in the presence of Morocco's head of government Abdelilah Benkirane and the APU's Executive Committee chairman and Secretary General. Fighting against terrorism and achieving social and economic sustainable development are the key themes of this two-day meeting. 

   Speaking at the opening of this conference, held under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco's speaker of the House of Representatives Rachid Talbi Alami said the bonds between Morocco and the African continent are driven by an existential necessity and remain an irreversible and strategic choice of the Kingdom.  

   Although Morocco has withdrawn from the African Union, the Kingdom has not cut off its relations with Africa, adding that the reliability and transparency in Morocco's positions, choices and commitments preserved the support of African brother and friend countries to the Kingdom's fait causes and persuaded other African countries as to the relevance of its positions.

   Morocco has also managed to win the confidence of African countries with regard to its experience and potential that the Kingdom did not hesitate to share with its brother and friend African countries, he added.

   The Speaker of the House of Representatives recalled HM the King's many visits to several African countries as well as the Sovereign recent initiatives in favour of Africa, including the new migration policy that resulted in the regularization of the situation of illegal immigrants from several sub-Saharan African countries.

   He also recalled the training programme for African imams, launched by HM the King as part of his vision to promote the values of peace and fight against all forms of extremism and terrorism.

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