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Thursday 18 July 2019

Former President of Nigeria : Morocco, One of Few Countries That Contribute to Africa's Food Security

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Former President of Nigeria : Morocco, One of Few Countries That Contribute to Africa's Food Security

Morocco is one of the few countries that contribute to food security in Africa and even the world, said former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, who paid a visit to Morocco (July 15-16) alongside several political and economic figures from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Lesotho.

Noting that Morocco stands out on the African continent for the diversity of its production and exports, Obasanjo said that the Kingdom is an example for Africa because there are not many African countries, or even no African nation that is able to ensure its own food security and that of others by exporting its fertilizers and installing fertilizer plants in other countries.

"The recent inauguration of the Tangier Med II port, which brings the overall capacity of the port complex to 9 million containers, is another example of Morocco's particularity," Obasanjo said in an exclusive interview with the electronic news website "Medias24".

Obasanjo also mentioned the Noor power plant, considering that "Morocco's energy strategy, which will enable it to achieve a 52% mix of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, clearly testifies to the development momentum from which we should draw inspiration".

Following with great interest the development of Morocco for years, the former president of Nigeria underlined that HM King Mohammed VI is at the origin of the many reforms carried out or in progress, whether economic or political ones, adding that the Sovereign has created not only opportunities, but also "this virtuous development dynamic that has undeniably made his country take a huge leap".

Regarding Morocco's return to the African Union, Obasanjo told "Medias24" that the Kingdom is "a very important member, especially since over the past 20 years it has signed an incredible number of bilateral agreements of a political-economic, commercial and financial nature with both African countries and the rest of the world".

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