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Monday 6 November 2017

:Gdim Izik : Trial Respected All Legal, Objective Conditions on Publicity and Transparency

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:Gdim Izik : Trial Respected All Legal, Objective Conditions on Publicity and Transparency

The National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) said, Thursday in Rabat, while presenting its report of the Gdim Izik Events trial, that the latter respected all conditions related to publicity and transparency, and provided all means to allow everyone to follow the legal proceedings.

The report, whose main conclusions were presented at a press briefing, underlined that the trial was marked by wisdom, balance and taking account of all parties which enabled to overcome some sporadic tensions and reactions among the parties to the dispute, adding that the court gave enough time to each party so that it could present its viewpoint and defend its legal position.

Time devoted to the trial was more than enough and enabled the court to take decisions within a reasonable deadline, and the parties to use their defence rights, said the report, underlining the statements made at the end of each hearing by the public prosecutor to keep the public opinion informed.

The document said that the court ensured to the people involved and observers all optimal conditions to follow the trial and provided translation in French, English and Spanish and even Hassani, with a good quality of sound and image.

The court also adjourned hearings to take breaks for rest or meals or to alleviate the tension if necessary.

The court decided to drop charges against some suspects for forming a criminal gang and sue them for the rest of crimes and adjust the lawsuit. It also decided to sue other suspects for violence against law enforcement officers while on duty.
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