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Monday 15 July 2019

German Parliamentary Delegation Hails Reforms Undertaken by HM the King in favor of Women

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German Parliamentary Delegation Hails Reforms Undertaken by HM the King in favor of Women

A delegation of German women MPs, taking part in the first workshop of the Exchange and Cooperation Program between Moroccan and German women parliamentarians, hailed on Saturday in Rabat the reforms undertaken under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI to advance women’s status.

During talks with Speaker of the House of Representatives (lower house), Habib El Malki, MEP Angelika Niebler welcomed the progress made in various areas in Morocco, particularly the implementation of the Family Code and the adoption of the 2011 Constitution which promotes women’s rights.

The important reforms undertaken in Morocco pave the way for an exchange of expertise between Morocco and Germany in several fields, including that of renewable energy, she said.

According to Ms Niebler, the workshop initiated by the House of Representatives on July 12-13 addressed numerous important issues, including the strengthening of women's political participation and the promotion of the role of women in society.

The German delegation intends to develop an exchange of experiences and expertise with Moroccan MPs, she added.

She also welcomed the proposal of the Lower House Speaker to discuss the issue of "the role of women in advanced regionalization" at future workshops.

For his part, El Malki paid tribute to the Hanns Seidel Foundation for its contribution to the organization of the workshop, noting that this initiative is part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year between the House of Representatives and this foundation.

Women’s political participation remains a paramount condition for the success of any social development project, he pointed out.

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