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Wednesday 19 April 2017

The Government Council of April 2017

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The Government Council of April 2017

Head of Government  Presents Governmental Program Before Parliament

Head of government Saad Eddine El Othmani presented on Wednesday the governmental program during a common plenary session of the parliament's two houses.

The said program has five broad lines: the first focuses on supporting the democratic choice, the principles of the rule of law and extensive regionalization.

The second is related to fostering the values of transparency, the reform of administration and good governance, while the third concerns the promotion of economic model, employment and sustainable development.

The fourth touches on reinforcing human development and social and spatial cohesion, while the fifth involves the strengthening of Morocco's international influence to serve the world's just causes.

MAP 19 April 2017

Govt. Council Approves Governmental Program Project, Examines Latest Developments of Territorial Integrity Issue

The council of government, convened on Wednesday in Rabat under the chairmanship of head of government Saad Eddine El Othmani, approved the governmental program project and examined the latest developments of the Kingdom's territorial integrity issue.

A statement by the head of government's office said that, during the meeting, the council members followed a presentation on the governmental program which they approved. This project will be submitted today to the two houses of parliament during a plenary session, pursuant to article 88 of the constitution.

During this meeting, the government members also followed a presentation given by the foreign minister on the latest developments of Morocco's territorial integrity issue, the UNSG report and how this phase should be managed, in accordance with the directives of HM King Mohammed VI.
MAP 19 April 2017

Government Committed to Strengthening Morocco's International Influence

The government is committed to strengthening Morocco's international influence for the just causes of the Kingdom throughout the world, in accordance with the strategic vision of HM King Mohammed VI, Head of Government Saad Eddin El Othmani said.

   "The action of the government in the diplomatic field is part of the implementation of the strategic vision of HM King Mohammed VI with regard to the position of Morocco and its supreme interests as well as its regional, continental and international partnerships”, El Othmani said during the presentation of the government's program in a joint plenary session of the two Houses of Parliament.

   "The government will endeavour to step up its diplomatic efforts to defend the national cause, confront the enemies of the national and territorial unity and put an end to the artificial conflict around the southern provinces”, Othmani stressed.

   He added that the government's action will also focus on mobilizing diplomatic means to reinforce Morocco's international reputation and its position as a regional stakeholder on the Arab, Islamic, African and Mediterranean levels, immunizing its strategic interests, expanding the circle of its allies and diversifying its economic partners throughout the world.

   The Government will also endeavour to guarantee that Morocco continues to fulfil its responsible role in the region as a factor of security, stability and balance and a source of influence in the Arab-Islamic region and Africa, thanks to its political model, the management of the religious field and the defense of the causes of the Ummah, the independence of Africa and its right to build its own model of development, he underlined.

MAP 19 April 2017