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Thursday 1 February 2018

Govt. Will Keep Fulfilling Its Promises to Solve Socio-Economic Problems in Jerada,

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Govt. Will Keep Fulfilling Its Promises to Solve Socio-Economic Problems in Jerada, Official

The cabinet will keep fulfilling its promises to solve the socio-economic problems in Jerada, said, Thursday in Rabat, minister delegate for relations with parliament and civil society, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.

As part of meetings held with representatives of the population, youth, local authorities, political parties, councils and trade unions, the government is committed to giving concrete substance to the promises it has made to solve the socio-economic problems in Jerada province, El Khalfi said at the press briefing after the weekly cabinet meeting.

In this regard, the minister voiced the will to address these issues, highlighting the existence of a dialogue, a debate and an understanding on the raised issues and demands as well as commitments and measures to meet these demands and expectations.

These commitments were underscored inside the parliament with the representatives of the Nation in both houses, El Khalfi said, underlining that the measures taken at this level are undergoing a progressive evolution and that the head of government will conduct soon, along with a ministerial delegation, a visit to the eastern region to reiterate the commitments presented to the local population as well as those taken at the level of the entire region.

The government is driven by a strong will given the pressing need to fight territorial and social disparities, he said, noting that the cabinet is aware of the need to restore equity for some regions suffering from marginalization through concrete measures.

Meetings were scheduled in this period to adopt the second phase of the program to combat territorial disparities to which a budget of 7 billion dirhams was allocated, he said, stressing the progress made in implementing the guidelines of the new industrial policy at the local level and the government's mobilization to increase field visits to address the issues raised in the different regions, provinces, cities and rural areas.

Development and the fight against territorial disparities are a top priority for the government as has emphasized the head of government, he concluded.