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Thursday 12 September 2019

Head o fGovernment : Government Working on Implementation of Integrated System to Cover Consequences of Catastrophes

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Head o fGovernment : Government Working on Implementation of Integrated System to Cover Consequences of Catastrophes

Head of Government Saad Dine El Otmani stressed, on Thursday in Rabat, that the government is working on the implementation of a system to cover the consequences of catastrophic events.

Speaking at the opening of the government council, El Otmani said that, in addition to the law on the establishment of a system for covering the consequences of catastrophic events, promulgated in 2016, the government has adopted several implementing decrees, including two which are scheduled for Thursday's Council, before holding, in the coming days, the first Board of Directors of the Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Events, created within the framework of this integrated system.

El Otmani emphasized the need to deal with seriousness and responsibility with the special bulletins issued by the National Meteorological Directorate (DMN), in relation to climate change and worrisome phenomena experienced by Morocco, like in other countries of the world.

The DMN publishes special warning bulletins, sometimes several a day, which must be taken seriously and not lightly, taking into account that the dangers of climate change tend to increase and that our country has witnessed recently several floods, said the head of government.

Otmani stressed that in case of a DMN alert, "we are all urged to deal with this alert with the necessary seriousness, to take the necessary precautions and to avoid taking risks", calling on drivers to be cautious and not venture in such cases given that every driver is responsible for preserving the passengers' lives and interests.

The Head of Government reported the mobilization of all concerned authorities: provincial authorities, local authorities, national police, Royal Gendarmerie, Royal Armed Forces, auxiliary forces and civil defense, as well as other departments such as the equipment and health, recalling that pursuant to the High Royal Instructions, the Interior Minister and the Minister of Transportation and Equipment went to Errachidia which was hit by the recent floods.

He said that this visit will be followed by others, noting that this is an opportunity to discuss with all stakeholders ways to address the consequences of these tragic events, and to strive to prevent such happenings in the future.

El Otmani also noted that several ministerial departments are conducting studies on structures under their competence and those near dried-up river beds that might be a source of risk, with a view to elaborating a plan for transferring these structures to other places, such as schools built for 30 or 40 years in similar risky locations.

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