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Friday 8 February 2019

Health Ministry 'Strongly' Denounces Misinformation in Video about New Primary Health Care Center in Marrakech

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Health Ministry 'Strongly' Denounces Misinformation in Video about New Primary Health Care Center in Marrakech

The ministry of Health "strongly" denounces the erroneous information in a video about the new primary health care center in Marrakech "Mellah" that was disseminated by some electronic newspapers and social networks, stressing that it reserves the right guaranteed by law to prosecute the person who filmed the video.

A press release by the ministry says that several electronic newspapers and social networks broadcast on Thursday, February 07, a video in which the person who filmed it claims that this primary health care center inaugurated on Tuesday (February 05) by HM King Mohammed VI does not have medical staff and that biomedical equipment as well as drugs have been transferred from this center to another destination.

The same source notes that following the broadcast of this video and given the dangerousness of the charges and allegations widely spread by the person who filmed it, which damage the reputation of this health facility, its staff and local and regional officials, the minister of Health has given instructions for the establishment of a commission to conduct an urgent field investigation in the facility cited in the video.

The results of the inquiry revealed that this video was filmed in the "Mellah" primary care center in Marrakech, inaugurated by HM King Mohammed VI on Tuesday, February 05, 2019, and which started providing health services to citizens on Wednesday, February 06.

It also showed that 150 patients benefited from the services of this center on the first day, while on the second day (February, 07) 130 people were taken care of by the staff of this health facility, according to the same source, adding that all biomedical equipment and drugs were never transferred from this center, contrary to what the person who filmed this video claims.

The ministry also indicates that the investigation revealed that the video was filmed by a person known for this type of behavior in the neighborhood where the center is located. This individual, who took advantage of the security guards' inattention and the end of the administrative schedule, was accompanied by a citizen and filmed her in a situation suggesting the absence of the medical and administrative staff while inciting her to protest.

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