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Friday 13 December 2019

House of Representatives Adopts Appropriation Bill in Final Draft

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House of Representatives Adopts Appropriation Bill in Final Draft

The House of Representatives adopted by a majority, in a second reading, the 2020 appropriation bill, during a plenary session on Wednesday chaired by Habib El Malki, speaker of the House.

After voting for the provisions of the draft as approved by the Committee on Finance and Economic Development at the House of Representatives and amended previously by the Second House of Parliament, representatives of the parliamentary groups explained their vote in accordance with article 153 of rules and regulations.

According to a statement by the House of Representatives, the session dedicated to the vote was held in the presence of Mustapha Ramid, Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament, Mohamed Benchaaboun, Minister of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform and El Hassan Abyaba, Minister of Culture, youth and sports, spokesman for the government.

The draft bill, presented to the House on October 18, was approved by the deputies in first reading on November 14 before submitting it to the Second House which introduced a series of amendments and referred it the House of Representatives for a second reading on December 7.

During the joint session of the two houses on the presentation of the draft bill, Benchaaboun affirmed that the 2020 appropriation bill is distinguished by three main priorities: the continuation of the support for social policies and the reduction of social and territorial disparities, the establishment of social protection mechanisms, the building of confidence and the introduction of a new investment dynamic in addition to measures to support businesses.

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