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Tuesday 11 June 2019

ILO 108 Session: Head of Government Highlights in Geneva Morocco's Interaction with International Labor Normative System

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ILO 108 Session: Head of Government Highlights in Geneva Morocco's Interaction with International Labor Normative System

Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani highlighted, Monday in Geneva, during the 108th session of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the interaction of Morocco with the international labor normative system.

"In the Kingdom of Morocco, and on the basis of our constitutional authority, we clearly choose to interact positively with the normative system in the field of activities carried out by the International Labor Organization," El Othmani said at the high-level segment of ILO's centenary conference.

He said that Morocco has recently deposited the ratification instruments of three important international labor Conventions: the "International Labor Convention No. 187" on the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health, the "International Labor Convention No. 97" on Migrant Workers and the "International Labor Convention No. 102" on Social Security.

This step shows the involvement of Morocco in upholding democracy and strengthening the human rights system, he said, underscoring the Kingdom's long-standing commitment to broadening the scope of fundamental freedoms, fostering and respecting human rights and interacting constantly and positively with the UN human rights mechanisms.

In accordance with Morocco's choices within the framework of the new immigration policy launched by HM King Mohammed VI and the Global Compact for Migration, signed in Marrakesh, Morocco deposited the instruments of ratification of International Convention No. 97 on migrant workers, he said, adding that these efforts are in line with the Moroccan immigration and asylum policy, based on a humane and responsible approach and aimed at regulating the status of migrants and refugees, guaranteeing their rights and improving their integration in Moroccan society, pursuant to the international conventions to which Morocco is committed.

"The deposit of instruments of ratification of Convention 102 on social security by our country is in line with its efforts to establish a comprehensive social protection system," he said.

He explained that the Kingdom is implementing measures aimed at generalizing and growing the number of beneficiaries of the social protection system, notably by developing the use of the RAMED medical assistance regime, through the setting up of a compulsory basic health insurance system for self-employed people practicing a specific activity, with a retirement pension for these categories.

Health coverage in Morocco has improved considerably, said the head of government, noting that this coverage increased from only 16% of Moroccans (about 5 million people) in 2005 to about 60% today.

He went on saying that the government is committed to developing the governance and effectiveness of the social protection and support system thanks to the setting up of social protection and the integration of social policies, the establishment of a surveillance system for poor and vulnerable categories, the creation of a unified social register at the national level, and the improvement of the conditions of the Widow Women's Support Program by the Family Mutual Aid Fund.

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