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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Mohamed Benhammou, Guest of 'MAP Diplomatic Meetings' on Tuesday

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Mohamed Benhammou, Guest of 'MAP Diplomatic Meetings' on Tuesday

Mohamed Benhammou, a university professor and director of the Moroccan journal of International and Strategic Studies, will be the guest Tuesday of the "Diplomatic Meetings" of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP).

Scheduled at 5:00 pm at MAP headquarters in Rabat, this meeting will be an opportunity to present the first issue of this new publication, entitled "Strategic", which deals with the main theme of "Digital transformation and the challenges of Moroccan diplomacy".

Several academic researchers have contributed to this issue with various topics including digital security in Morocco in light of the resurgence of cyber-attacks, the concept of Moroccan official e-diplomacy, the role of e-diplomacy in the implementation of the Kingdom's foreign policy, as well as Morocco's African policy, the geopolitical dimensions of Morocco's new migration policy and the Moroccan experience in facilitating trade.

According to the director of the publication, "Strategic" is intended to contribute to the enrichment of the field of research, the strengthening of knowledge exchange and the scientific debate on subjects dealing with strategic issues in international relations.

MAP Diplomatic Meetings is a platform for discussing and exchanging views on a country, a region, a theme or a commemoration related to Morocco's diplomatic relations.

MAP 11 March 2019