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Thursday 18 July 2019

Moroccan Press Urged to Develop New Economic and Professional Model to Preserve Independence, Brini

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Moroccan Press Urged to Develop New Economic and Professional Model to Preserve Independence, Brini

The Moroccan press is urged to develop a new economic and professional model to preserve its independence, said, on Tuesday in Rabat, writer and journalist Mohamed Brini.

The stronger a newspaper is thanks to its credibility, professionalism, sales, and journalists' capacity, integrity and attachment to their institution, the more it is able to defend its independence, said Brini, who was the guest of MAP Forum on the independence of the press in Morocco and ethics of journalism, adding that this is the goal that must be set by the Moroccan press to develop a new strong and powerful model.

Brini affirmed during this forum, which is part of a series of meetings organized in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of MAP, that all the charters on ethics related to the profession make the independence of the press a crucial foundation and an integral part of the job.

The omission of such principle constitutes a serious violation of the ethics of the profession and the sanctity of its message, he added.

Independence is a continuous battle, intrinsic and external, against any other source of threat that may weigh on the profession, Brini underlined, deeming it as the quintessence of the press and that losing this independence equals losing one's soul.

According to him, a newspaper can make its independence the line of conduct of its activities, a strict principle and a tool to serve the general interest and the right of citizens to information, and to enrich the democratic debate.

He went on to say that, in practice, the preservation of independence may be difficult due to political, economic and financial conditions and with regard to the board of directors and shareholders.

He cited some prerequisites for the independence of the press as the need for the editorial board to be composed of professional journalists whom are firmly attached to their independence and immune to temptation and pressure, calling for limiting the financial contribution of ads.

MAP 16 July 2019