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Thursday 20 June 2019

Morocco-Andalusia: Shared Will to Boost Economic Relations

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Morocco-Andalusia: Shared Will to Boost Economic Relations

Morocco and the Autonomous Region of Andalusia stressed, on Wednesday in Rabat, their shared will to boost bilateral cooperation and give it a new impetus, particularly in the areas of food-processing industry, infrastructure, renewable energy and logistics.

"Spain has been Morocco's top trading partner since 2012, both in terms of imports and exports, and the opportunities and potential for strengthening this partnership are huge," said Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy Moulay Hafid Elalamy, at the opening of the Morocco-Andalusia Economic Forum, organized by the Employers' Confederation of Andalusia (CEA) and the Andalusian Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (EXTENDA), in collaboration with Moroccan Employers' Body (CGEM) and the Morocco-Spain Economic Council (CEMAES).

The minister noted that the competition is global, hence the need to collaborate and further expand cooperation between Morocco and Spain to reach higher levels.

President of the autonomous government of Andalusia Juan Manuel Moreno recalled that the Kingdom is a strategic partner and ally for Andalusia, expressing satisfaction with his visit which is a new page in the excellent relationship between the two parties.

Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, positioned itself as a key strategic country in the African continent, he said, adding that this position offers great opportunities of investment in Africa for Spanish companies based in Morocco.

Moreno Bonilla said that this Morocco-Andalusia meeting hit a record with the participation of about 60 renown Andalusian companies and a total of over 200 Moroccan and Spanish companies, in addition to hundreds of professionals who have great experience in both markets.

President of CGEM Salaheddine Mezouar welcomed the excellent, solid and long-standing relations between Morocco and Spain, especially with Andalusia.

"The Morocco-Spain relationship is excellent at the political level," he said, expressing his ambition to move forwards economically, by creating the adequate mechanisms and tools to encourage co-investment and concrete projects.

The Morocco-Andalusia Economic Forum features discussion panels, notably on the business environment in Morocco and Andalusia, the legal, fiscal and financial aspects in Morocco and Andalusia, as well as three sectoral tables on food-processing and agricultural development, the construction sector, infrastructure, renewable energy and logistics.

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