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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Morocco Dismantles ISIS-Linked Terror Cell in Nador

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Morocco Dismantles ISIS-Linked Terror Cell in Nador

The Central bureau for judiciary investigations (BCIJ), under the general directorate for territory surveillance (DST), dismantled, on Wednesday, a terrorist cell composed of five extremist supporters of the Islamic State organization (IS), including a Spanish of Moroccan origin residing in Melilla, who were operating in the region of Beni Chiker (Nador outskirts).

According to a statement by the Interior ministry, this operation coincided with the arrest by the Spanish security services in Melilla of another accomplice of the members of this terrorist cell.

Investigations revealed that the members of this cell were active in the recruitment of young people for the IS, in addition to supporting the barbaric acts executed by the fighters both on the Syrian-Iraqi area and abroad, the statement said.

The investigations also indicated that the members of this cell have planned to carry out large-scale terrorist operations in Morocco and Spain, the same source said.

They held secret nocturnal gatherings, in addition to physical preparation and training on how to execute slaughter operations using knives, the statement said.

The suspects will be brought to justice upon the completion of the investigation which is led under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office.

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