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Thursday 20 April 2017

Head of Govrnement Presents Governmental Program Before Parliament

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Head of Govrnement Presents Governmental Program Before Parliament

 Head of government Saad Eddine El Othmani presented on Wednesday the governmental program during a common plenary session of the parliament's two houses.

The said program has five broad lines: the first focuses on supporting the democratic choice, the principles of the rule of law and extensive regionalization.

The second is related to fostering the values of transparency, the reform of administration and good governance, while the third concerns the promotion of economic model, employment and sustainable development.

The fourth touches on reinforcing human development and social and spatial cohesion, while the fifth involves the strengthening of Morocco's international influence to serve the world's just causes.
MAP 19 April 2017

Morocco Eyes Growth of 4.5 to 5.5 %, Budget Deficit at 3 pc by 2021 (government program)

The government aims to achieve an economic growth of 4.5-5.5 pc and control the budget deficit at 3 pc of GDP by 2021, Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, said Wednesday.

   El Othmani, who presented the governmental program before the two Houses of Parliament, pointed out that in terms of macroeconomic indicators, the government will also endeavour to reduce the debt ratio to less than 60 pc of GDP and keep the inflation at less than 2 pc and the unemployment rate at 8.5 %.

   Explaining the third point of the governmental program related to the development of the economic model, employment promotion and sustainable development, he said that government's efforts will help achieve strong and sustainable growth, allowing Morocco to join the circle of emerging countries and strengthen the competitiveness of the national economy and consolidate sustainable development.

   Given that businesses are the essential lever for development, the government will ease procedures, bolster competitiveness and create an attractive environment for investment and innovation, allowing them to focus on their main missions:  creating wealth and productive job opportunities, the head of the government noted.

   The government will also support and enrich entrepreneurship, especially small businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, and maintain the system of national preference of enterprises, in addition to setting up an incentive and innovative framework.

   In order to boost the competitiveness of the national economy and to continue improving business conditions, El Othmani said that the government has set a goal for Morocco to join the circle of the top 50 economies in the Doing Business Index by 2021.

   Achieving such a goal requires a structural transformation of the economic fabric and the development of investment via the promotion of the industrial and business sector by supporting and implementing the industrial acceleration plan 2014-2020, the head of government explained.

MAP 20 April 2017