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Tuesday 14 November 2017

Morocco, Go-To Country for Regional Mediation, Huffington Post

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Morocco, Go-To Country for Regional Mediation, Huffington Post

Morocco is endowed with a unique place in the region and should be seen by the United States as a go-to country for regional mediation and to serve as the country around which an alliance can form, wrote US daily Huffington Post.

Morocco enjoys credibility with the countries of the GCC and has declared its alliance with them against any foreign threats to their common security, wrote US philanthropist Munr Kazmir in an article entitled "Morocco May Hold the Key to Regional Stability".

"As you scan the region and look deeper into the history, values, and interests of each country and leader, one of them stands out. Morocco, and its King, is just a natural fit," he said.

The Kingdom enjoys the oldest uninterrupted treaty of friendship with the United States. During the Cold War, it was a stalwart against communism, and more recently has played a crucial role in executing the global war against terrorism, he added.

The country has also been a pioneer of the peace process between Israel and the Arabs, said the article, noting that Morocco's relations with the Palestinians have also been strong.

The Quds Council, the institution that is meant to protect Muslim heritage in the city of Al Quds, is headquartered in Rabat, Morocco, and the Moroccan government has been a historic supporter of the Palestinian cause, it recalled