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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Morocco, Japan Committed to Strengthening Cooperation and Coordination at All Levels

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Morocco, Japan Committed to Strengthening Cooperation and Coordination at All Levels

Head of government Saad Dine El Otmani received, on Tuesday in Rabat, a delegation from the Japan-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Association, led by its president Hirofumi Nakasone.

During this meeting, the two parties praised the quality of the long-standing friendly relations between Morocco and Japan, which draw their authenticity from the fraternal links between the illustrious royal family and the Japanese imperial family, according to a statement by the head of government's department.

They also expressed their satisfaction with the strengthening of the exchange of visits between the officials of the two countries and in particular between the members of the respective legislative institutions, which resulted in the creation 40 years ago of the Japan-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Association.

In addition, both sides commended the excellent political coordination between the two countries, the same source noted, adding that the government chief had reiterated on this occasion Morocco's commitment to its territorial integrity and its concern to reach a political settlement that would put an end to the artificial conflict over its Saharan provinces within the framework of international legality and UN resolutions. He also welcomed Japan's consistent position on the national cause.

For his part, president of the Japan-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Association reiterated his country's consistent stance on the issue of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and its non-recognition of the pseudo "sadr", as well as its support for United Nations efforts to reach a peaceful settlement of this issue.

The two parties also noted a remarkable development of the bilateral economic partnership, the statement said, stressing that nearly 70 Japanese companies operating in different sectors are established in Morocco, thus contributing to the strengthening of the dynamics of trade between the two countries, while allowing the creation of some 40,000 jobs.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss multilateral cooperation, particularly development in Africa and its promising prospects, given Morocco's pioneering role within the continent and the experience it has accumulated in supporting the social development and economic take-off of the continent's countries.

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