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Wednesday 5 April 2017

Morocco Redefining Africa’s North–South Relations (African Business Magazine)

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Morocco Redefining Africa’s North–South Relations (African Business Magazine)

Morocco, which has engaged in a genuine charm offenive throughout Africa, is redefining the continent's North–South relations, African Business Magazine writes Monday.

In an analysis titled "Morocco is reminding us that the North is also part of Africa", the magazine says that before Morocco’s engagement, North Africa’s role on the continent was routinely omitted while the likes of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa grab the headlines.

The lack of attention paid to the region reflects a traditional disconnect, symbolised geographically by the Sahara desert, the magazine notes, adding that the disconnect between North and sub-Saharan Africa is nonsensical, undermining regional integration efforts and costing Africa in lost investment and trading opportunities.

Everything about Morocco’s Africa push suggests it is part of a long-term vision, African Business Magazine says, pointing out that with some luck, the kingdom’s lead on bridging the divide will encourage its northern peers to step up their efforts as well. “There is much to gain”, it stresses.

Aside from the obvious need for more trade between North and South, Morocco is arguably also well positioned as a regional and continental hub for trade and investment to and from Europe, the magazine notes.

For the magazine, the potential for North African commercial centres like Casablanca to perform such a role is virtually unexplored, for no good reason.

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