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Wednesday 11 July 2018

Muslim World League SG Praises Morocco's 'Active' Role in Fighting Extremism

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Muslim World League SG Praises Morocco's 'Active' Role in Fighting Extremism

Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Mohamed Ibn Abdelkarim Al-Issa, praised, on Wednesday in Rabat, Morocco’s "active" role, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, in the fight against all forms of extremism, notably through supporting the action of Ulema.

Al-Issa, who held talks with head of government Saâd Eddine El Othmani, also highlighted the "valuable" contribution of Moroccan Ulema in enriching the Islamic scientific scene, says a statement by the head of government’s department.

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League is visiting the Kingdom as part of his participation in an international symposium organized in Rabat by the Rabita Mohammedia des Oulémas (Mohammadia League of Scholars), under the High Patronage of HM the King on "the deconstruction of extremist discourse".

According to the statement, El Othmani and Al-Issa highlighted the leading role of the Ulema in efforts aimed at strengthening the intellectual, spiritual and scientific ranks of the Islamic Ummah and deconstructing certain forms of extremism that "cross" continents, cultures, nations and religions.

They also stressed the importance of these scholars in countering this fatal ideology on all fronts in order to contribute to the spread of Islam and its values of moderation, justice and coexistence.

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