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Monday 6 April 2020

National Market: Drop in Prices, Normal Supply

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National Market: Drop in Prices, Normal Supply

The interministerial committee for monitoring supply, prices and price and quality control operations, which convened Monday in Rabat, assured that during the last week, the national market supply with various consumer products was normal and prices continued to drop. "On the basis of the data presented by the divisions of all the ministerial departments concerned with supply, prices and control, the supply of the market with the different widely consumed products is carried out in the normal way.

The commission noted that prices of the majority of products, notably vegetables, fruit and live chicken, have continued to fall in the past week compared to the previous week," said in a statement the Department of General Affairs and Governance, under the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform. Prices fell by 15% for tomatoes, as well as green onions (-10%), potatoes (-6%), carrots (-5%), dry onions (-4%) and live chicken (-6%), said the same source, reporting a stable price for legumes for the second consecutive week.

The interministerial committee will continue to hold regular meetings to follow the evolution of the market situation, the level of supply, prices and the results of interventions by the control commissions to deal with any type of fraud, monopolization, speculation or price manipulation.