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Tuesday 17 September 2019

The Official Visit of Ecuadorian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs to Morocco

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The Official Visit of Ecuadorian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs to Morocco

Foreign Minister : Dialogue Between Morocco and Ecuador will Continue and Be Furthered

Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said, on Monday in Rabat, that the dialogue between Morocco and Ecuador will continue and be furthered in the coming weeks and months, describing as a "new phase" the relations between the two countries.

During a press briefing following a meeting with Ecuadorian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Cooperation Andrés Terán, who is on a working visit to the Kingdom, Bourita affirmed that this "historic" visit, the first for decades by a senior Ecuadorian official in Morocco, is part of a positive and constructive dynamic that was launched in recent months between the two countries to promote cooperation actions in the economic field and to strengthen the political dialogue.

"Our relations are witnessing this dynamic, thanks to a mutual commitment, to remove all the obstacles preventing the development of a true partnership between the two countries", he said, adding that the discussions helped to identify future actions to build this partnership.

Bourita also welcomed efforts of the Ecuadorian government to boost an integrated development of society through the launch of a national agreement with the country's social and political stakeholders.

In this regard, he underlined Morocco's appreciation for the progress made by the Government of Ecuador in upholding democracy, promoting free speech and fighting corruption, as well as its political commitment to develop social programs to support the most vulnerable economic sectors, the disabled and the elderly as part of a vision of solidarity and equality.

The talks also outlined the future relationship between the two countries, and identified concrete actions with a very positive and promising prospect for bilateral relations, the minister said.

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