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Wednesday 11 July 2018

OSCE PA President Expresses Wish to Develop Partnership with Morocco

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OSCE PA President Expresses Wish to Develop Partnership with Morocco

President of the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), George Tsereteli, underlined the Assembly's willingness to develop relations of partnership with Morocco, noting that the Kingdom is a "model to follow" in the Mediterranean region.

Speaking at a meeting held Sunday at the German parliament with members of Morocco's House of Advisors (upper house), namely Mohamed Bakouri and Abdelkarim El-Hamss, Tsereteli recalled the visit to Morocco in June by a delegation of the General Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly to discuss the organizational aspects for the convening in Morocco of the PA’s 18th Autumn Session.

He also underlined the enormous potentialities of the city of Marrakech to host this event, said a statement by the House of Advisors.

He also welcomed Bakouri's speech before the Standing Committee of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly last Saturday in Berlin, in which he called for more efforts to promote peace in the region and to develop cooperation between the Member States in the areas of economy, security and migration.

For his part, Bakouri lauded the efforts aimed at strengthening cooperation between the Organization and its Mediterranean partners, with a view to solving the problems and addressing the challenges facing the region.

El-Hamss said that the section of the House of Advisors has put in place an action plan to promote its partnership with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly over a period of three years, with a view to becoming member of the Parliamentary Assembly's committees and promoting relations with the Moroccan Parliament.

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