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Thursday 19 September 2019

Panama-Morocco Friendship Group Set Up in Panamanian National Assembly

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Panama-Morocco Friendship Group Set Up in Panamanian National Assembly

 A Panama-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group, which aims to strengthen inter-parliamentary cooperation and bring the two countries closer, was set up in the Panamanian National Assembly.

The group, chaired by Leandro Avila of the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party, was officially announced on Tuesday at a ceremony organized by the Panamanian Parliament's Foreign Relations Commission.

This event took place in the presence of President of this Commission Fernando Arce, Ambassador of the Kingdom in Panama Oumama Aouad, and several Panamanian political and civil figures.

Avila, who is also chairman of the Government, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Commission and a member of the Panamanian Parliament's Foreign Relations Commission, said in a speech on the occasion that the friendship group is committed to make every effort to strengthen the relations between the parliaments of the two countries and to spread information about the political, economic and social development in Morocco and Panama.

He stressed the importance of this parliamentary group and the role it can play in fostering cooperation and ties between the two parties, notably through the launch of joint parliamentary initiatives and activities, expressing his admiration for the significant economic progress made by the Kingdom.

For her part, the Kingdom's ambassador to Panama hailed the creation of this parliamentary group, which is an "important step" in the process of strengthening relations between the two countries, and which was the result of an initiative by a group of Panamanian deputies, friends of Morocco.

This parliamentary group represents an "important platform for building a new phase in our relations" and will contribute to the enforcement of a series of legal instruments and bilateral agreements to promote bilateral cooperation, Aouad said.

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