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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Polisario Separatist Usurping Alleged Diplomatic Status "Not Recognized”, “Has Not Been Invited” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Peruvian Minister

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Polisario Separatist Usurping Alleged Diplomatic Status

Peruvian Interior Minister, Carlos Basombrío, said that Polisario separatist called Khadijetou El Mokhtar, who is still at Lima International Airport since September 9th following her listing as persona non grata, "is not recognized and has not been invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru".

Khadijetou El Mokhtar, who claims to be a representative of the fake entity, “is not recognized and was not invited by Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, the minister said on Twitter according to the Peruvian news agency "Andina".

She "refuses to be evacuated or to enter the Peruvian territory as a tourist", he added.

On Saturday, Peruvian immigration services said on their website that this Spanish national does not have a diplomatic visa issued by Peruvian authorities and obtained no advantage or immunity as a representative of the "polisario" in Lima, contrary to her false allegations.

Peru's immigration services said on Friday that the separatist has chosen to remain voluntarily and illegally in one of the immigration offices at Lima Airport and has refused to be evacuated free of charge by air and subsequently rejected the possibility of entering the country as a tourist.

During her stay in Peru as a tourist on June 10-July 18, Khadijatou El Mokhtar took part in several political activities, usurped the status of ambassador of the puppet entity, with whom Peru suspended its diplomatic relations, and perpetrated acts in violation of the conditions enlisted in the immigration regulations, Peru’s immigration services added.