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Monday 13 May 2019

Royal Armed Forces Celebrate Tuesday 63rd Anniversary

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Royal Armed Forces Celebrate Tuesday 63rd Anniversary

Morocco celebrates on Tuesday the 63rd anniversary of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), a yearly event to pay a special tribute to men and women making up this valiant body that defends the Kingdom's territorial integrity, and to

highlight their sacrifice, devotion and heroic actions to serve the higher interests of the Nation.

All over the country, events, with great pomp, are slated in the different parade grounds, garrisons, FAR units, wilayas, provinces and prefectures, to honor FAR's different components land, air, navy and the royal gendarmerie.

The FAR institution has been, since its inception on May 14, 1956, a motive of pride for all Moroccans, a pivotal factor of national unity and a worthy ambassador of Morocco's authentic values to whatever destination duty might take its members.

With the aim of protecting its independence and ensuring its sovereignty, Morocco, under the leadership of the late HM Mohammed V, decided to build a modern and professional army which will be the first symbol of national sovereignty. HM Hassan II perfected its organization and modernized its weapons and equipment.

Since his accession to the throne of his glorious ancestors, HM King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, sought to make the FAR in tune with the most developed armies in the world.

"We made sure to ensure all required means and necessary material and human resources to upgrade FAR military equipment and improve their expertise and intellectual capacities, according to an integrated and complementary vision in elaborating their plans and goals so as to help the army reinforce its human resources and modernize its infrastructure and technical services," said HM the King in his Order of the Day to the FAR on the 62nd anniversary of their creation.

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