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Saturday 13 January 2018

Senegal: Islamic Affairs Minister Hands HM the King's Condolences Message to New Caliph of Mouride Brotherhood

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Senegal: Islamic Affairs Minister Hands HM the King's Condolences Message to New Caliph of Mouride Brotherhood



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Minister of endowments and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq handed, on Saturday in Touba (194km from Dakar), a message of condolences from HM King Mohammed VI, commander of the faithful, to the new caliph general of Senegal's Mouride brotherhood sheikh Mountakha Bassirou Mbacké, following the passing on Tuesday of former Caliph Serigne Sidy Moctar Mbacké.

Toufiq, who led a Moroccan delegation composed mainly of secretary general of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema Si Mohamed Rifki, chargé de mission at the same Foundation Abdellatif Begdouri Achqari and Morocco's ambassador in Dakar Taleb Barrada, handed the royal message to the new caliph general in his residence in Touba.

In this message, read out by Toufiq, HM the King recalled the outstanding qualities of that eminent scholar and man of great faith. "Sheikh Sidy Mokhtar Mbacké will be remembered as a model in terms of holding fast to the teachings of Islam, which are based on restraint and moderation".

"I appreciated not only the affection and fidelity he showed to me, as Amir Al-Muminin, but also the religious and spiritual bonds he had with his second home – Morocco – which were imbued with sincere love and loyalty. His was a constant desire to contribute to strengthening and promoting the fraternal ties uniting the Moroccan and the Senegalese peoples," wrote the royal message.

The sovereign also congratulated the new Caliph for his new position as leader of the Mouride brotherhood. "I find solace in your selection as the new Caliph General of the Mouride Tariqa to succeed our beloved Sidy Mokhtar Mbacké. It is a testimony to your lofty spiritual status among the followers of the Mouride Tariqa. I congratulate you on being selected for this important spiritual duty and wish you every success in your mission," HM the King underlined.

For his part, Abdelkader Mbacké, who is in charge of relations between the Mouride and the Arab-Muslim world, and adviser to the Caliph General, said that the caliph was "very moved" by the message of condolences and compassion addressed by HM the King, in which the Sovereign expressed his esteem and consideration for the new caliph and brotherhood in general.

The Caliph general of Mouride thanks His Majesty the King for his tireless efforts and support for the Mouride Brotherhood in all circumstances. He also expresses his determination to further strengthen the centuries-old fraternal relations between the Alawite throne and the Mouride community, Mbacké added.


At the end of the meeting, Toufid invited the Caliph general of Mouride, on behalf of HM the King, to visit Morocco.

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