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Tuesday 19 November 2013

The bilateral relations between Morocco and the USA

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The bilateral relations between Morocco and the USA

Morocco Caucus At US Congress Strongly Supports Morocco's Autonomy Plan For Sahara

The "Morocco caucus" at the US Congress reiterated firm support to the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara and recalls the US administration "unchanged position" on the issue.

In a letter to US president Barak Obama on the eve of a working visit to Washington by HM King Mohammed VI (Nov.22), the caucus stresses the utmost importance that this issue has for Morocco, calling the US chief executive to seize the "opportunity" of the Moroccan king's visit to "reaffirm the US unchanged policy of support to a settlement based on large autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty.

    The Moroccan autonomy initiative put forward by Morocco in 2007 remains "the best framework for a negotiated political solution," says the letter which also insists "it is one of the few issues enjoying wide consensus both at the House of Representatives and the Senate".

     Of Morocco-US relations, the congress members recall that Morocco, the first nation to recognize the United States of America, is "a friend country and a solid partner in North Africa", sharing "our values and aspirations for the region. As such, the letter goes on, "given the current juncture at the regional level", relations with Morocco have "a capital and strategic importance".

    The Morocco caucus also urges for seizing the opportunity of HM the King's trip to Washington to consolidate "strategic relations" with Morocco to face "common challenges in North Africa and the Sahel region".


US Influential Congress Members Call For Consolidating Morocco-US Exceptional Partnership

Leading members of the US congress called in a letter addressed on Monday to President Barack Obama for consolidating the strong partnership linking the USA to Morocco, "a country deserving our support and commitment".

    The letter, sent as HM King Mohammed VI will be paying this November 22 a working visit to the USA where the Sovereign will meet the US chief executive, expresses the US congress members' support to efforts meant consolidate the US-Morocco strong partnership.

   The letter, signed by president of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East, Ilena Ros-Lehtinen, and member of the commission, Ted Deutch, notes that "thanks to the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco has been spared the violence and chaos spread in the region, adding that the Kingdom "stands out today as a model of stability in a region fraught with doubts and uncertainty".

  The US congress members' letter also welcomes the multi-dimensional strategy adopted by Morocco to fight religious extremism, based on security cooperation and social values, political reforms, economic development and religious education founded on moderation virtues.

    They also recall the US administration's support to the Moroccan plan to grant autonomy to the Sahara, under Moroccan sovereignty, noting that Washington's position had been repeatedly expressed by three successive administrations, including the present one.

   The Moroccan autonomy plan enjoys "a strong bi-partisan support at the US congress", write Ilena Ros-Lehtinen and Ted Deutch, who call President Obama to seize the opportunity of HM the King's visit to further consolidate the strategic relationship binding the two nations and reaffirm and consolidate the bi-partisan support to the Moroccan autonomy plan.