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Royal Activities
Wednesday 5 June 2019

HM the King Chairs Council of Ministers

HM the King Chairs Council of Ministers

HM King Mohammed VI chaired, on Tuesday at the Rabat Royal Palace, a Council of ministers during which several legal texts and a number of international agreements were approved, according to a statement by the Royal Palace spokesman, Abdelhak El Mrini. At the beginning of the Council's proceedings, the minister of Justice made a presentation on bringing certain provisions of the organic law establishing the conditions and modalities of the exception of unconstitutionality of a law into line with constitutional court decision No. 70/18. In its decision, the constitutional court declared that the provisions of the aforementioned organic law are in conformity with the Constitution, with the exception of some of its provisions.

In this regard, the revised version of the aforementioned organic bill includes the provisions that have been brought into line with the constitutional court's decision that it had declared not to be in conformity with the Constitution. These provisions concern in particular the procedure for screening and assessing the seriousness of applications by the constitutional court, while granting it the prerogative to determine the cases to be examined in camera, granting the public prosecutor the status of party to the proceedings on which the application is based, the inclusion of the legislative provision and rights and freedoms among the conditions to be examined by the judge ruling on the application and the procedure for bringing the court's decision into conformity. Afterwards, the Council of ministers approved the draft organic law amending and supplementing the organic law on senior appointments.

The main amendments contained in this draft concern in particular: - The reclassification of the higher Institute of the judiciary and the Moroccan health insurance Fund, which replaces the National Fund of Social Security Organizations (CNOPS), as one of the strategic public institutions whose managers are appointed by the Council of ministers. - The addition of the "Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works of the staff of the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation" and the "Public Works Social Works Foundation" to the list of public institutions whose officials are appointed by the government Council. During the proceedings of this Council of ministers, the draft decree amending the decree on the reorganization of the civil protection School was also approved. The purpose of this draft decree is to confer on officer cadets, non-commissioned officers and rescue workers, throughout their training, the status of civil servants with remuneration, which will enable the General Directorate of Civil Protection to integrate them into its ranks in the same way as the Auxiliary Forces.

As part of the concern of HM the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, for the members of his Forces and for improving their situations, the Council of ministers adopted the draft decree amending and supplementing the Dahir fixing the salary of military personnel with monthly salaries of the Royal Armed Forces and the draft decree amending and supplementing the decree establishing the pay, food and travel expenses regime of military personnel with progressive special pay of the Royal Armed Forces as well as the related administrative and accounting rules. In addition, the draft decree amending and supplementing the decree establishing the conditions for granting family benefits to civil servants, military personnel and civil servants of the State, municipalities and public institutions was adopted.

This draft decree, which is part of the measures taken at the end of the social dialogue, aims to increase family allowances for all civil and military officials. In the same context, the draft decree amending the decree laying down the procedures for applying the special status of the Auxiliary Forces was adopted. The purpose of this draft decree is to enable members of the Auxiliary Forces to benefit from the general salary increase decided for all civil servants as part of the social dialogue. In addition, and as part of strengthening Morocco's relations with several brotherly and friendly countries and with regional and continental economic groupings, the Council approved seventeen (17) international agreements, including sixteen (16) supported by draft laws.

This mainly concerns the partnership agreement in the field of sustainable fisheries between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union, its Protocol of implementation and the exchange of letters accompanying the said agreement and the agreement in the form of an exchange of letters between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union on the amendment of Protocols 1 and 4 to the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the European Communities and their member States, on the one hand, and the Kingdom of Morocco, on the other hand, as well as the agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The bilateral agreements aim to strengthen cooperation in the judicial field, in particular in criminal matters and in the fight against crime, in the economic and commercial field, as well as in the areas of defense, tourism, commercial shipping and international road transport. In accordance with the provisions of article 49 of the Constitution and on the proposal of the head of government and on the initiative of the minister of Economy and Finance, HM the King has appointed: -Lotfi Sekkat, chairman and chief executive officer of Crédit Immobilier and Hôtelier; -Abderrahim Chafii, director of the solidarity Fund against catastrophic events.

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