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Royal Activities
Monday 19 June 2017

HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, Chairs in Casablanca New Ramadan Religious Lecture

HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, Chairs in Casablanca New Ramadan Religious Lecture

HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, accompanied by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid and HH Prince Moulay Ismail, chaired, on Saturday at Casablanca Royal Palace, a new religious lecture of the holy month of Ramadan.

The lecture was given by Pr. Amany Burhaneddin Lubis, chairwoman of the Indonesian Ulema Council for women, youth and family affairs under the theme: Islamic Civilization Building Between True Genesis and Expected Renewal, drawing on Quranic verse: "And [also for] those who were settled in al-Madinah and [adopted] the faith before them. They love those who emigrated to them and find not any want in their breasts of what the emigrants were given but give [them] preference over themselves, even though they are in privation. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul - it is those who will be the successful."

The lecturer explained, first of all, the meaning of this Quranic verse which tackles issues linked to the civilizational model and the unique historical experience which made up the first Islamic society, based on fraternity between Al Muhajirin (emigrants) from Mecca and the Ansar (supporters) who welcomed them in Medina.

She noted how the Quranic verse commended the laudable stand of the Ansar who did not resent the emigrants and shared with them their property and wealth.

The emigrants had their share of war tributes to uphold the principles of change for a better future, by joining the Ansar (Aws and Khazraj) to lay the foundation of Islam and ensure its spreading, she added.

The lecturer recalled that the Prophet's migration was an important milestone in the history of Islam and marked the beginning of concrete building of the State in the Medina, based on brotherhood and coexistence among Muslims and with people from other faiths in Medina, thus giving the best example in the history of humanity.

She underlined that fraternity between El Muhajirin and Ansar is the best manifestation of human and moral justice of Islam, given that the emigrants have abandoned their lands and wealth while the supporters, rich people thanks to their farms, properties and jobs, welcomed them with open arms.

In Medina, Jews had their religion like Muslims and the prophet established the "Medina Document" to set things right between Muslims, Jews and pagans in medina, she said, recalling that at Morocco's initiative this document was the topic of a conference, held two years ago and attended by thinkers, intellectuals and minority representatives from around the world.

This meeting was crowned by the "Marrakech Declaration" which stated that Islam, through the medina document, was a precursor in terms of recognizing minorities' rights.

On cooperation and partnership, she cited the virtues of solidarity and recalled that Islam is based on four basic parameters namely mutual support, cooperative action, social security and minorities' rights.

On another topic, she underlined the importance that Muslims diagnose their problems and come up with ideal solutions, while taking account of the deep mutations and interactions taking place in their societies.

At the end of the lecture, HM the King was greeted mainly by Niger's foreign minister, the Grand Mufti of Al Quds and Palestine and chairman of the higher council for Islam in Guinea Bissau.

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