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Royal Activities
Monday 25 September 2017

HM the King Congratulates New Senegal's Tijaniya Brotherhood Caliph General

HM the King Congratulates New Senegal's Tijaniya Brotherhood Caliph General

HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, sent a message of congratulations to the new Caliph General of Senegal's Tijaniya Brotherhood, Sheikh Serigne Mbay Sy Mansour, appointed Sunday after the death Friday of Serigne Abdoul Aziz Sy Al Amine.

HM the King wished the new Caliph General success in his mission to guide his disciples on the path of salvation.

"There is no doubt for us that you will endeavor to perpetuate the tradition established by your ancestors, by ensuring that the Tijaniya Brotherhood continues to avail itself of the Sunna of the Prophet and remains attached to the constants that have always structured relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and sister country the Republic of Senegal," said the message.

The sovereign implored the Almighty to guide the steps of Sheikh Serigne Mbay Sy Mansour and to protect him so that he remains faithful to the true tradition of the Prophet Sidna Mohammed, peace and blessing be upon him.

HM the King expressed to the new Caliph General his most sincere condolences, and through him, to all the disciples of the Tijaniya Brotherhood wherever they are.

The fact of choosing you for this eminent position testifies to your great qualities and the constancy you have shown "in perpetuating the tradition of your ancestors, the illustrious Sheikhs who have always shown an unwavering loyalty towards our Shereefian majesty and our glorious ancestors, the Kings of the Alawite dynasty and the commanders of the faithful,” HM the King added.

The sovereign also congratulated the new Caliph to assume "this heavy spiritual responsibility.”

 24 September 2017