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Royal Activities
Monday 2 July 2018

HM the King Inaugurates Rabat-Salé Urban Bypass No 2

HM the King Inaugurates Rabat-Salé Urban Bypass No 2

HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Monday the Rabat-Salé urban bypass No 2, a structuring project meant to address mobility and displacement issues within the two cities.

On this occasion, the Sovereign named the bridge over the Bouregreg river "Ribat El Fath". The construction of the bridge, which is part of this urban bypass, mirrors HM the King's will to equip the capital with new intersections and reinforce its road connections.

Worth 520 million Dirhams, the new urban bypass will ease the traffic congestion in Rabat and Salé, improve road and people security, and positively impact the environment thanks to the drop in air pollution rate and the reduction of noise pollution.

This large-scale project, whose construction works were launched by the Sovereign on May 2015, will offer the citizens a new crossing over the Bouregreg river, a practical solution to mobility issues between the cities of Rabat and Sale due to the mounting pressure on the bridges of Hassan II, Moulay Youssef, Al Fida and Mohammed V, and the crowding at central crossroads in the two cities.

The 8-km long urban bypass has been designed in the form of an urban boulevard which extends from Tadla Avenue in Rabat to the National Road No 6 (Meknes road) in Salé. It will hence provide a quick and direct access from the centre of Rabat to the Rabat-Salé Airport.

In addition to the construction of the Ribat Al Fath bridge (190 m), the new bypass also includes a tunnel at the level of the Mohammed VI avenue crossroads in Rabat and an above-ground passage to restore traffic at the crossroads of Zarbia road in Salé.

The new bypass is expected to carry some 30,000 cars per day, which corresponds to 28% of the total traffic between the cities of Rabat and Salé.

This project was carried out by the Bouregreg Valley development agency in partnership with several ministries, the Rabat-Salé region and the communes of Rabat and Salé.

The new urban bypass, which is part of the 2014-2018 Rabat development integrated program dubbed "Rabat city of lights, Morocco's cultural capital", will boost the development of the cities of Rabat and Salé and improve the living conditions of the inhabitants.

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