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Wednesday 23 January 2019

HM the King Launches Entry Into Operational Use of Second Line of Casablanca Tram

HM the King Launches Entry Into Operational Use of Second Line of Casablanca Tram

HM King Mohammed VI launched, on Wednesday, the entry into operational use of the second line of Casablanca tram (T2), a new example of the sovereign's will to equip the Moroccan economic capital with modern infrastructure that meet the citizens' expectations.

The new line, whose building works were launched by the sovereign on Jan. 25, 2016, crosses over 15 km the axis of Sidi Bernoussi, Ain Sbaa, Hay Mohammadi, Derb Sultan, El Fida and Anoual before joining the 8-km section linking Darb Ghellaf, Beausejour, Casa Finance City, Hay Hassani and Ain Diab and which entered into operational use on Dec. 12, 2012 on the occasion of the launch of the first tram line (T1).

Equipped with three connection points with the T1 line, at the Abdelmoumen - Anoual, Ibn Tachfine - Mdakra, Ali Yaata - Carrières Centrales stations, the second line of the Casablanca Tram serves nine districts with a total population of over one million, and has 33 stop stations, including 20 new stations.

Sixteen new 64-meter coupled trains will be deployed initially on the T2 line, and will reach ultimately 25 trains. The entry into operational use of the new line will be gradual, moving from a frequency of 9 to 6 minutes in rush hour.

This project, worth 3.777 billion dirhams, was backed by the creation of a maintenance center in the Sidi Bernoussi district, intended to ensure maintenance operations and storage of the rolling stock fleet and fixed installations, as well as facade development work over 40 ha for the installation of technical infrastructure (rails, platforms, shelters, light signals) and the redevelopment of roads and sidewalks.

In addition to the completion of the second line, the Casablanca tram network was reinforced thanks to the extension project, over nearly two kilometers, of the first line which now serves the neighborhoods of Laymoun, Florida and Lissasfa from the terminus of the Faculties. This extension required a budget of about 504 million dirhams.

Meant to support the demographic and urban development of the Kingdom's economic capital, the tram network will be further strengthened with the completion, by 2022, of the T3 and T4 tram lines and two high-level service bus lines.

This public transportation network will eventually include four tram lines (73 km), two high-level service bus lines (22 km), five maintenance centers and 147 passenger stations totaling 16 billion dirhams.

The T3 line will link the Salmia neighborhood to the Casa-Port zone (14 km), while the T4 line will connect the Attacharouk neighborhood to that of Mers Sultan (12 km). These two lines, whose preparatory diversion roadworks are at 30%, will serve a total population of more than 700.000 people.

To these tram lines (T1, T2, T3 and T4) will be added two high-level service bus lines (L1 and L2) which will offers connections to the tram stations. The first 12-km high-level service bus line will connect the Salmia neighborhood to Lissasfa and will include 20 stop stations. The second 10-km line (L2) will link the city of Errahma to the city of Casablanca at the level of Ghandi Boulevard.

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