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Thursday 9 May 2019

HM the King Launches in Rabat Foodstuffs Distribution Operation 'Ramadan 1440'

HM the King Launches in Rabat Foodstuffs Distribution Operation 'Ramadan 1440'

HM King Mohammed VI launched, Wednesday in Rabat, the 20th nationwide foodstuffs distribution operation "Ramadan 1440", initiated by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

This act of generosity reflects the royal solicitude for the poor and promotes the values of humanity, solidarity, and sharing which characterize the Moroccan society.

Organized with the help of the interior ministry and the ministry of endowment and Islamic affairs, this national operation has become a yearly appointment meant to assist underprivileged social segments, mainly widows, the elderly and the disabled.

In line with the humanitarian program led by the Foundation, this operation is worth 70.24 million dirhams and will benefit this year 2.5 million people in 500,300 households, including 402,238 in rural areas.

Thousands of people, including social workers and volunteers, were mobilized to conduct this operation. Two committees, one local and another provincial, supervise the supply of distribution centres, the identification of beneficiaries and the handing of foodstuffs.

The Ramadan 1440 operation is part of the different humanitarian actions and initiatives undertaken by HM the King to promote the culture of solidarity and ensure sustainable human development pursuant to the values and principles of Islam.

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