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Royal Activities
Tuesday 7 November 2017

HM the King: No Settlement of Sahara Issue is Possible Outside Morocco's Full Sovereignty and Autonomy Initiative

HM the King: No Settlement of Sahara Issue is Possible Outside Morocco's Full Sovereignty and Autonomy Initiative

HM King Mohammed VI reiterated, Monday, the Kingdom's firm position on the Moroccan Sahara question, stressing that no settlement of this issue is possible outside Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara, and outside the autonomy initiative.

"No to any solution to the Sahara question other than within the framework of Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara and the Autonomy Initiative, which has been declared serious and credible by the international community," said the Sovereign in a speech to the Nation, on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the Green March.

HM the King recalled, in this regard, that “Morocco remains committed to engaging in the current dynamic wished for by His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations Organization, and to collaborating with his Personal Envoy, while keeping in mind the need to adhere to the related firmly established principles and terms of reference on which the Moroccan position is based.”

The Sovereign noted that “draw lessons from past experience, for the problem is not so much finding a solution as determining the process that produces it; for this reason, all the parties that have concocted this dispute must fully shoulder their responsibility in order for a final solution to be reached.”

“Ensure full compliance with the terms of reference adopted by the UN Security Council when addressing this artificial regional dispute, for the Security Council is the only international body tasked with overseeing the settlement process,” HM the King underlined.

“Outright rejection of any transgression or attempt to infringe on Morocco's legitimate rights or its best interests; rejection of any obsolete proposals designed to divert the settlement process from the set terms of reference, or to introduce or impose other issues which are dealt with by other relevant bodies,” the Sovereign added.

Furthermore, HM the King said that the anniversary of the Green March is an opportunity to renew commitment, strengthen the spirit of collective mobilization, and stimulate the momentum of global development in all the Kingdom’s regions, especially in the southern provinces.

“I can think of no better tribute to the memory of the heroes of the liberation and of independence - chief among whom was my venerable grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V – may he rest in peace; nor is there a loftier expression of loyalty to the oath of the Green March, to its architect, my revered father, His Majesty King Hassan II - may he rest in peace - or to the worthy martyrs of the homeland,” said HM the King.

The Sovereign also expressed his pride in the Royal Armed Forces and the security forces of all categories.

“I should like, in this regard, to say how proud I am of our Royal Armed Forces and of all our security services, and how much I appreciate their action, sacrifice and constant mobilization, under my leadership, to defend our nation’s territorial integrity and ensure security and stability,” HM the King said.