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Royal speeches

Argana café blast: HM the King reiterates unrelenting commitment to pursue efforts to root out all forms of terrorism

 In a message to the participants in the commemoration ceremony in memory of the victims of the Argana café attack, HM King Mohammed VI expressed Morocco’s unrelenting commitment to pursue efforts to eradicate all forms of terrorism, adding that this cross-border scourge is inconsistent with the tolerant values of Islam and with the universal ideals of mankind.
"Once again, I want to say how strongly we condemn all forms of terrorism, whatever its reasons. Terrorism is simply inconsistent with the tolerant values of Islam and with the universal ideals of mankind, both of which hold life to be sacred. In fact, the right to life has been enshrined in the Kingdom’s new Constitution as one of the foremost human rights, as they are universally recognized," HM the King said in the message which was read out by Justice and Liberties Minister Mustafa Ramid.

HM the King pointed to the surge of international terrorism in Africa, stressing Morocco’s "unrelenting commitment to pursue regional and international efforts, to be actively involved in combating this cross-border scourge which cannot be attributed to a given country or faith, to relentlessly fight criminal gangs and to root out terrorism".

Concerning the fight against terrorism, the Sovereign said Morocco will press ahead with implementing a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy, in which security, democratic reforms and development efforts support and complement one another.

"Under that strategy, cultural creativity and enlightened thinking will also be encouraged, together with a firm commitment to the rule of law and to equality before the law and the nation’s legal system," the Monarch went on to say.