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Royal speeches

HM the King addresses message to participants in commemoration ceremony in memory of victims of Argana café terrorist

 HM King Mohammed VI addressed on Saturday a message to the participants in the commemoration ceremony in memory of the Moroccan and foreign victims of the terrotist attack on the Argana café.
Here follows the full text of the Royal message which was read out by Justice and Liberties Minister Mustafa Ramid ;

      Praise be to God                May peace and blessings be uponthe Prophet, His Kith and Kin

      Members of the victims’ families,
      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      A year ago today, the treacherous hand of terror struck in the Ochre city’s Jamaa El Fna Square, and more precisely at the Argana café, killing innocent people.
      We are gathered here today to remember the victims of this senseless act, who just happened to be there at that precise moment, at one of the World Heritage sites in the safe, peaceful city of Marrakech, which has at all times welcomed its visitors. None of those innocent victims had thought for one second that the hand of terror was about to strike. May Almighty God grant them eternal peace.
      With mixed feelings of grief and hope, I should like, once again, to tell all the bereaved families and their relatives, in France, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in Britain, in Canada and in Morocco, that my thoughts and prayers are with them as they remember their loved ones.
      I wish those who were injured in that cowardly act a speedy recovery and hope they will soon overcome the excruciating     consequences of that horrendous act.
      The appalling terrorist attack at the Argana café did not merely target Marrakech or Morocco. It sought, in vain I should add, to undermine the bonds between the Kingdom of Morocco and the above-mentioned countries, which share a firm, unyielding commitment to the lofty ideals of brotherhood, solidarity, mutual understanding, democracy and progress.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
      Once again, I want to say how strongly we condemn all forms of terrorism, whatever its reasons. Terrorism is simply inconsistent with the tolerant values of Islam and with the universal ideals of mankind, both of which hold life to be sacred. In fact, the right to life has been enshrined in the Kingdom’s new Constitution as one of the foremost human rights, as they are universally recognized.
      The Moroccan people’s unanimous adoption of that advanced, democratic Constitution clearly proves that terrorism will only strengthen the resolve of Morocco and the Moroccan people to press ahead with democratic reforms and open policy, and to reject the heinous manifestations of terrorism and obscurantism, wherever they may be.
      At a time when the risk of international terrorism is growing in our African region, I want to confirm my country’s unrelenting commitment to pursue regional and international efforts, to be actively involved in combating this cross-border scourge which cannot be attributed to a given country or faith, to relentlessly fight criminal gangs and to root out terrorism.
     I should like, once again, to commend all national police and security forces on their professionalism, efficiency, mobilization, vigilance and commitment to the call of duty and to the protection of the citizens and their property.
      I praise their endeavors to foil plots and dismantle terrorist networks which vainly seek to disrupt the nation’s security and stability and to undermine its democratic achievements and development efforts.
      As regards the fight against terrorism, Morocco will continue to implement a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy, in which security, democratic reforms and development efforts support and complement one another. Under that strategy, cultural creativity and enlightened thinking will also be encouraged, together with a firm commitment to the rule of law and to equality before the law and the nation’s legal system.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
      We are just as unflinching in our resolve to pursue the war on terror as we are determined to press ahead with the implementation of the specific development model unanimously chosen by Moroccans - a model which shows how proud they are of their distinctive spiritual and cultural identity, which is based on moderation, tolerance and open-mindedness, as well as on the rejection of all forms of extremism, insularity and aggression.
      We are keen to ensure that, by the grace of the Almighty and the will of our citizens, Morocco will continue to be a haven of security and stability, as well as a beacon of peace, tolerance, dialogue and constructive interaction between different faiths and cultures.
      Thanks to the courtesy, generosity and cheerful disposition of its inhabitants, the exceptional richness of its historical heritage and its characteristic openness, the beautiful city of Marrakech will remain the beating heart of Moroccan tourism and a focal point where people meet and mingle.
      It will continue to welcome guests and visitors from around the world, offering them the peace and tranquility they yearn for, as well as a chance to rest and relax, and to enjoy concord and harmony.
Before concluding, I would like to thank all those who have been involved in organizing this remembrance ceremony for the victims of that horrendous attack.
      In addition to being an occasion to mourn the innocent victims, this remembrance event is intended to be a message from well-meaning people, from people of conscience, calling for terror, aggression and crime to be rejected and for brotherhood, love, peace, optimism and hope in the future to be embraced instead.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Thank you.