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Royal speeches

HM the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of FAR, Addresses Order of the Day to Royal Armed Forces

HM King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) addressed, on Sunday, an Order of the Day to the officers, non-commissioned officers and privates on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Royal Armed Forces.

In this message, HM the King paid tribute to the Royal Armed Forces for their achievements, perseverance, dedication, courage and self-denial, and expressed his gratitude to the founding father of the first nucleus of Morocco’s modern army, HM Mohammed V, as well as to HM King Hassan II.

The Sovereign seized the occasion to hail efforts made by the different components of the royal land, air and sea forces as well as by the Royal Gendarmerie in the fulfillment of the national duty and the tasks assigned to them.

HM the King said that FAR’s humanitarian actions have a commendable impact on populations in remote and difficult-to-reach mountainous regions through the deployment of three military field hospitals in Anfgou, Ouawizert, and Maghraoua, under the supervision of a highly qualified medical staff.

The Sovereign also expressed his satisfaction with the sense of motivation, patience and tenacity demonstrated by the military units deployed at the borders in Morocco’s southern provinces and the units in charge of border control.

HM the King paid tribute to security and military units for their responsible actions in implementing proactive and dissuasive security plans and also for their self-denial and perseverance in carrying out their daily tasks with the aim of protecting the Nation against all forms of terrorism, illegal immigration and cross-border organized crime.

Morocco’s committment to South-South cooperation has been reflected through the increasing number of military staff from brotherly and friendly African countries who each year integrate Moroccan Military Institutes and Centers, HM the King noted.

Since the creation of the Royal Armed Forces, the Kingdom of Morocco has been actively contributing in UN efforts aimed at preserving peace and stability in Africa, the Sovereign pointed out, recalling that Moroccan military contingents take part in peacekeeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

HM the king also praised the important humanitarian actions carried out by the various medical teams at Zaatari Field Hospital in Jordan and the field hospital recently deployed in Juba.

MAP 14 May 2017