Convinced of the importance of education in social development and economic growth, Morocco continues the reform process of the educational field in order to initiate an education system level and strengthen the development of human capital based on knowledge.

The Special Commission for Education and Training (COSEF) was created in order to implement further reforms. The charter of the Committee emphasizes "the centrality of reform in developing and deepening the values ​​of citizenship vigilant and responsible." Delivering a progress report on the implementation of the educational reform process, this document mid-decade national education and training (1999-2004).

The COSEF has also focused on the need for a new spirit of national mobilization around the issue of the school, based on the same core values ​​and principles that led to the drafting of reform, namely the commitment and trust.

During this decade of national education and training, relevant public authorities to ensure the challenge of widespread pre-school, primary and college. The realization of this project will be linked to the promotion of quality and adaptation to individual needs, as well as the realities and demands of life.

Thus, the quality of education for such generalization gives a lot of importance to all guidelines adopted in different sectors (levers) included in this charter. This is especially, restructuring cycles preschool, improved curricula, teaching methods, assessment and referral, rehabilitation of schools, as well as strengthening and development of language teaching including Amazigh.

Also, the spread of education has stepped up its enrollment through lowering the age to 6 years of schooling and the fulfillment of the commitment on the obligation and free basic education as well as the spread of education in the first cycle of basic education.

This program focused on the development of education in rural areas and reducing disparities between regions, provinces, municipalities, and between urban and rural areas, including the promotion of girls' education. This is why the new pedagogical device for primary, secondary and college for higher education was established.

In return, the university reform has been a major topic of debate ever since its launch. Instead of the end of the year exams, a system of modules and semesters was established. It allows the student to choose his/her course.