Products inshore and artisanal market are at halls, counters grading Industrial Fish and fish wholesale markets at the end of 2012, amounted to 1,190,338 t with a value of 5560 MDH. Compared to 2011, these products experienced a 21% increase in volume and 2% in value.

Products marketed in the halls (first sale) accounted for 94% by weight and 92% by value. Those sold at wholesale markets of Casablanca and Oujda (second sale) amounted to 73,688 t with a value of 441 million dirhams.

Landings by fishing segment 


At the end of 2012, landings of coastal segment accounted for 72% of volume and 63% of the value of national production. Catches by this segment increased by 25% in volume and 4% in value compared to the previous year. This performance is due to the volume contribution of the sardine fleet at the port of Dakhla, Laayoune and TanTan thus registering an increase of 29% in volume and 25% in value. By activity, the average price by purse seiners was 2120 DH / T against 12,603 ​​DH / T for trawlers and 16,673 DH / T for longliners.

Artisanal fishing

During this same period, the quantities caught by the artisanal segment constituted 5% of landed tonnage and 30% of the total value. Landings of the artisanal fishing fleet totaled 52,182 t with a value of 1530 MDH. Compared to the same period of the previous year, these landings have increased by 16% in volume and a 1% decrease in value due to lower average prices of octopus.

RSW boats

For their part, the type RSW vessels operating in Dakhla accounted for 23% in volume and 7% of the value achieved at national level.

Destination landings of inshore and artisanal

Consumption, canning and freezing, the most rewarding destinations, were key opportunities that have absorbed alone, 80% of the total production of this activity. With a volume of 206 572 t, the industry flour and fish oil accounted for 19% of total landings of inshore fishing.

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