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The House of Councillors

The House of Councillors, governed by the provisions of the 1996 Constitution, being the end of term, the election of a new House in July will be the initiation of the new provisions of the 2011 Constitution, in particular Article 63.

It states: "The House of Councillors has at least 90 members and a maximum of 120, elected by indirect universal suffrage for six years, according to the following distribution:

· Three-fifths of the members representing the local authorities. This number is divided among the regions of the Kingdom in proportion to their respective populations and observing equity between regions. The third area is reserved for elected in each region by the Regional Council from among its members. The remaining two thirds are elected by an electoral college made in the region by members of municipal, provincial and prefectural councils

· Two-fifths of the members elected in each region by electoral colleges composed of elected representatives of professional chambers and professional organizations most representative employers and members elected at the national level by an electoral college composed of representatives of the employees.

The number of members of the House of Councillors and the electoral system, the number of those to be elected by each of the constituencies, the distribution of seats by region, eligibility requirements and the system of incompatibilities, the rules limiting cumulative mandates, as well as the organization of electoral disputes are determined by an organic law. The President of the House of Councillors and officers, as well as the chairmen of the standing committees and offices are elected at the beginning of term and the end of the half of the legislature and for the remaining term of the said period .

The election of officers took place in the proportional representation of groups. "

Website of the House of Councillors  : http://www.conseillers.ma/