Local trade is a sector with high potential. It is an essential lever investment and knows a dynamic that is growing and creating wealth and employment.

To support this process, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies, developed the strategy RAWAJ trade development and distribution. The overall objective of this strategy is to provide consumers with a powerful service trade and distribution to meet all their needs.

This strategy focuses on three main areas:

The balance of commercial network: provide consumers with optimum territorial coverage sufficient and diversified offer.

 The attractiveness of the business unit: support the modernization of local business and develop vibrant shopping areas.

The quality and diversity of products: products offer good value tailored to the needs of all segments of the population.

RAWAJ strategy is based on the following transverse axes :

The sustainability of social security traders.

The development of a range of training adapted to the needs of the sector.

The strengthening of information and consumer protection.

 The organization of professional representation and promotion of the inter.

The establishment of a business intelligence.


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