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The system of qualification and classification of companies involved in the field of irrigation and the development of agricultural space constitutes a tool for the pre-selection of companies participating in calls for tenders, thus allowing the contracting authority to have reasonable assurance as to the human, material, financial and technical capacities of the companies to carry out the projects under optimal conditions of quality, time and cost. Companies submit their qualification and classification requests via the SQCE platform.



Department of Agriculture/DSS

Site for publishing the prices of agricultural and food products:

The Ministry of Agriculture has a mechanism for real-time monitoring and analysis of national markets, which makes it possible to know the dynamics of these markets. It is based on an information system called “price”, which provides public and private sector players with useful and up-to-date information on prices and market conditions through a dedicated website. In order to meet the needs of different users and actors in agricultural commodity value chains, price data is collected at different levels of the marketing chain. The system currently tracks prices on a regular basis:

- Wholesale markets

- Points of sale 

- Weekly markets

This information system was set up in 2011, and appropriate human resources and infrastructure have been allocated to it, as well as a scientific methodology that meets statistical quality standards. This allows the information system to operate on a daily basis and to cover all regions of the Kingdom.




This service offers the possibility of following all the formalities carried out on your land title.

To register, please fill in the registration request carefully, after its immediate processing and validation, you will be informed by SMS.




This service allows you to consult the extracts of the requisitions, the rectifying extracts, the notices of fence of boundary, the delivery of the duplicate and special certificate, change of name of the property, and the notices concerning the procedures of special registration published in the bulletin official and whose deadlines are in progress.




Ordering products via the portal.




Space dedicated to private sector IGTs.




space dedicated to notaries.




Map space offered to the general public.




Authenticity verification service for documents issued online.




The Single Electronic Window is a website that allows farmers to submit their applications for financial assistance from the government to encourage investments in the agricultural sector. This portal provides a secure and user-friendly platform that enables users to easily fill out application forms, attach necessary documents, and track the status of their application.

Farmers can access the portal anytime and from anywhere, allowing them to save time and money by avoiding travel. The portal also enables concerned parties to process applications more quickly and efficiently, thanks to the centralization of information and the reduction of input errors.





The Farmers Portal for tracking agricultural subsidy application files is an online platform that enables farmers to track the status of their agricultural subsidy application files. This platform provides a user-friendly experience that allows farmers to access important information about their subsidy application in real-time.




The website  of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests provides a wide range of information and services related to agriculture.

Users can access news and updates on the agricultural sector in Morocco, including policies, programs, and initiatives. The website also provides information on regulations, laws, and standards related to agriculture.



Department of Education, Training and Research

Plateforme d'inscription des jeunes qui veulent participer au concours d'accès aux établissements de formation professionnelle agricole pour suive une formation de Technicien Spécialisé, Technicien et Ouvrier Qualifié.



Document Verification Service

This platform aims to promote agricultural activities such as upstream agriculture, downstream agriculture, para-agriculture, and digital agriculture, as well as the emergence of activities related to agricultural services, para-agricultural services, and digital services for the benefit of young people.

However, this new digital era will enable the realization of the royal vision to make agriculture an engine of economic growth and an effective tool in combating rural poverty and creating stable and sustainable employment opportunities.

This platform consists of three main components:

Information space: Providing all the necessary technical, administrative, and financial information to young entrepreneurs.

Youth space: Providing young entrepreneurs with their own space to track the progress of their applications.

Monitoring and evaluation space: Enabling the relevant authorities to regularly monitor and evaluate the program.


Agriculture Department