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Goods clearance through customs with ADIL

Customs clearance of Import goods (ADIL)

The economic integrated tariff of Moroccan Customs « ADIL » (Online Assistance in Customs clearance of Import goods) offers all the useful information which focuse on :

- The tax and regulatory regime for the goods you want to import (customs duties and taxes payable on imports under common law or conventional regimes, other taxes collected on behalf of other administrations, documents to produce and standards to be met in accordance with special regulations) ;

- All tariff advantages granted for said goods under trade agreements and conventions signed by Morocco, as well as certain conditions for the granting of preferential regimes.

For each of the above information categories, "ADIL" also allows direct access to the corresponding regulations texts and circulars and to certain statistical data on Moroccan foreign trade.

Various search options are available to identify the product you plan to import :

- By tariff item, typing the tariff heading of the relevant product ;

- By Chapter of the Customs tariff ;

- By tariff description, entering a keyword or extract of the tariff heading number ;

- By product name, subject of a classification decision.

Customs clearance of Import goods (ADIL)