Electronic Services

National Agency of aquaculture development


The Geoportal of ANDA is a Web GIS portal that provides access to a range of geographic data related to the aquaculture sector as well as other related thematic data. This platform aims to facilitate the dissemination of this data to citizens and investors, while communicating about the aquaculture potential and investment opportunities in the various regions of the Kingdom. Additionally, it offers multiple services to its users and allows them to perform various queries according to their needs.



Portal dedicated to investors

The portal dedicated to investors is an information system set up in collaboration with the digital development agency, dedicated to investments in aquaculture. The main objective of this portal is the digitization of the process of submitting and validating investment requests in aquaculture. The portal is still under development, and the ANDA plans to officially launch it towards the end of 2023.


National Agency of aquaculture development