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Sunday 25 May 2014

Azilal Province: Royal Constant Action To Improve Living Conditions Of Local Population

Azilal Province: Royal Constant Action To Improve Living Conditions Of Local Population

  The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) has been further consolidated this Saturday thanks to the various actions undertaken by the Sovereign in the province of Azilal.

   The Central Province of the Kingdom witnesses in the 2011-2015 period, the implementation of several projects (MAD 461.3 million) relating to five INDH programs, namely the anti- poverty program in rural areas, the program of fight against precariousness, the inter-disciplinary program, the  program for the fight social exclusion in urban areas, and the territorial development program.

   This dynamic has been bolstered by donations of batches of equipment, provided by the Sovereign in favor of several cooperatives and local associations.

   purchased as part of the INDH for a total investment of nearly 4.7 million dirhams, the equipment aim to promote income-generating activities, support community action in the fight against school dropout, and improve health services in rural areas.

   Five school buses were given to the rural communes of Tifert N’ait Hamza, Tagueleft, Ouaoula, Ait Taguela and Anzou with the aim to encourage enrollment and strengthen the fight against school dropout.

   The Sovereign also handed over two ambulances to the rural town of Tagueleft and the provincial hospital of Azilal, which will contribute to the improvement of the level of supervision and medical care in the region.

   HM the King also provided equipment to various social welfare institutions in the region, including associations in charge of the management of the student houses in the rural communities Foum Jemaa, Bzou, Tisqui and Tagueleft.

   As part of the promotion of income-generating activities, the Sovereign handed over beekeeping equipment to the agricultural cooperatives of Tikioute (commune of  Bni Ayat), Bzou (commune of Bzou), and Atlas Demnate (commune of Demnate), as well as bakery supplies in favor of the cooperative of Afous (commune of Timoulilt).

   These actions stem from an approach aimed at meeting the needs of the targeted population by involving party beneficiaries and local stakeholders, mobilizing operating budgets, and ensuring coordination with sectoral programs in an integrated vision. 


MAP 24 May 2014