Royal Activities
Wednesday 17 July 2013

Clean-Up Of Left Bank Of Bouregreg And Atlantic Coast: Firm Royal Commitment To Preserving Environment

Clean-Up Of Left Bank Of Bouregreg And Atlantic Coast: Firm Royal Commitment To Preserving Environment

 HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Wednesday at the urban commune of Yaacoub Al Mansour (Rabat prefecture) the clean-up system of Bouregreg's left bank and the Atlantic coast, a megaproject mirroring the firm and unwavering royal commitment to preserving the environment.

   The project of great environmental significance will have positive impacts on the health of citizens, improve Rabat and Temara's coastline and contribute to the socio-economic development of the two cities, as it will ensure a pleasant lifestyle and put an end to the direct sewage discharge into the Atlantic Ocean and the Bouregreg River.

   Costing over 950 million dirhams, this important project, managed by "Redal", the concession Water and Electricity Company in the cities of Rabat and Salé, provides for the construction of a pre-treatment plant, inaugurated on this occasion by the Sovereign, with a treatment capacity of 520,000 cubic meters per day to meet the needs of an estimated 1.5 million inhabitants.

   This 160 million-dirham station also includes three solid waste removal rakes, six desander and oil treatment basins, deodorizing units and pumps that deliver pre-treated water into the sea through a marine drainage channel which, for a budget of 530 million dirhams, will contribute to the elimination of pollution from waste water from the cities of Rabat and Temara, and protection of nearby beaches.

   The Atlantic coastline and Bouregreg left bank cleanup project also focuses on the implementation of an interceptor system that will help collect the existing wastewater discharges, then transfer and lifting them to a treatment unit for a total investment of 260 million dirhams.

   Redal managing company has launched expansion and strengthening works of the network of waste water collection of the cities of Rabat and Temara, for a total amount of 658 million dirhams.

   A similar cleanup system is underway regarding the right bank of the Bouregreg river and the Atlantic coast (Salé and Bouknadel) for a budget of 825 million dirhams.