Royal Activities
Thursday 27 June 2013

HM King In Al-Hoceima: Large-Scale Social Projects Launched

HM King In Al-Hoceima: Large-Scale Social Projects Launched

MAP- His Majesty King Mohammed VI inaugurated and launched, Thursday in Al Hoceima, a number of major projects aimed at developing sports and arts skills for children and young people, fighting crime and school dropout, strengthening local infrastructure, and meeting the needs of middle-class and low-income households in terms of housing.

These projects are part of the Sovereign’s efforts to encourage welfare projects, promote human development, and strengthen basic infrastructure.

   HM the King inaugurated the Ajdir social and sports center (6 million dirhams), a youth center and a sports community field at the commune of Ait Youssef Ouali (3.6 million dirhams), a social and sports center in Rabiaa neighbourhood in Imzouren (6 million dirhams), a social and sports center in Al Aoual neighbourhood in Bni Bouayach (2 million dirhams), all launched through a partnership between the National Initiative for Human Development and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

   Similar projects are underway in other cities of the province. This includes the projects to upgrade the city stadium and build the Ait Moussa Ouamar social and sports center in the commune of Imzouren, community social and sports centers in Al Hoceima and Izemmouren, the Ajdir summer camp, community mini-soccer fields in Beni Hadifa and Targuist, and the Ait Fares stadium in Beni Bouayach.

   These projects illustrate the permanent aspect of the National Initiative for Human Development, which provides for launching, in the 2011-2013 period, some 166 projects in Al-Hoceima for a budget of 138.07 million dirhams.

   Some 405.97 million dirhams have been allocated for the implementation of the INDH urban development program in the province of Al Hoceima (2011-2015). 

This program, which covers 26 rural communes, aims to promote the living conditions of people in isolated mountain areas, reduce disparities in terms of access to basic infrastructure, equipment and services as well as including the targeted population in the INDH actions.

   The Sovereign also launched the project to build 315 low-cost housing units in the new urban center of "Sidi Abid" in Al-Hoceima, for a total sum of 77 million dirhams.

   This project will be carried out thanks to a public- private partnership on a total area of 10,000 square meters, and provides for building 315 housing units, two shopping centers, a youth center, a parking area, and parks.

   With a budget of 459 million dirhams, the new urban center of Sidi Abid offers a modern urban model that attempts to put an end to unhealthy housing, reduce the housing pressure on Al Hoceima city, and provide housing that meets the needs of all social strata, especially those with average and low incomes.

   On this occasion, HM the King paid a visit to a women cooperative center before handing over 20 tricycles to vegetables sellers.