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Friday 15 July 2022

HM the King Gives Instructions for Opening of 'Souk Assalihine', a Project Built by Sovereign’s Order, Meant to Promote Socio-economic Conditions of Thousands of Inhabitants

HM the King Gives Instructions for Opening of 'Souk Assalihine', a Project Built by Sovereign’s Orde

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has given His High Instructions for the opening of "Souk Assalihine", at the Tabriquet neighbourhood in Salé, a large-scale project, the construction of which was launched by the Sovereign on 24 October 2017.

This integrated project, carried out under Royal Instructions, and which required investments of around 361 million dirhams, is intended to promote the socio-economic conditions of thousands of inhabitants and to boost economic activity in the city.

The opening of this project in the city of Salé is a concrete expression of the proximity policy advocated by His Majesty the King and reflects the permanent will of the Sovereign to be attentive to the expectations and needs of citizens and to provide everyone with the conditions for a dignified and prosperous life.

Housing 1,483 premises, the project, which has transformed an old traditional souk into a new modern commercial structure, aims to promote the working conditions of traders, eradicate unhealthy buildings, release roads and public spaces and embellish the urban landscape.

"Souk Assalihine", carried out on High Royal Instructions, a novel experience and an innovative model of governance of public policies for the informal sector

The High Royal Instructions, concerning this large-scale socio-economic project, are also concretized through the transfer of the premises to the beneficiary traders and professionals in return for prices taking into consideration the nature of their commercial and professional activities and their social situation, with facilities for payment of the acquisition amount. And this while benefiting from the INTILAKA program facilitating their access to the funds necessary for the acquisition of equipment.

This commercial facility integrates informal trade into the organized economic fabric by allowing traders, professionals and craftsmen to benefit from the basic compulsory health insurance scheme for the categories of professionals, self-employed workers and self-employed persons exercising a liberal activity.

Built on an area of 23 hectares, the project includes a commercial complex with 1,070 premises and a central market with 413 shops.

This project was carried out according to a proactive and comprehensive approach, based on innovative financing mechanisms. It was financed within the framework of a partnership between the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (MAD 301 Mln), the Council of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Region (MAD 30 Mln), the Prefecture of Salé (MAD 10 Mln) and the Commune of Salé and the delegating authority (MAD 20 Mln).

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