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Thursday 12 July 2018

HM King Mohammed VI Names Moroccan High-Speed Train 'AL BORAQ'

HM King Mohammed VI Names Moroccan High-Speed Train 'AL BORAQ'

HM King Mohammed VI gave the symbolic name of "AL BORAQ" to the Moroccan project of the high-speed rail line linking Tangier to Casablanca, says Thursday the National Railways Office (ONCF). 

AL BORAQ, name of the fantastic winged mount, evokes speed and travel. Easily memorable, it reflects the meaning and culturally strong values carried by an ambitious and large-scale project that bolsters national pride, stresses the ONCF in a statement.

"The AL BORAQ train, bearer of modernity, progress and innovation, is the image of our country, resolutely turned towards building a better future", adds the same source, noting that it is in this sense and as part of an inclusive approach that the ONCF is launching a competition for the design of the logo of the high-speed train "AL BORAQ", open to any creative person who can and desires to make his mark on a project made by and for Moroccans.

The ONCF notes that interested people will find, from 16 July 2018, all the necessary information on the participation procedures and the rules of the competition via the institutional site: www.oncf.ma, the site dedicated to the competition (www.alboraq.co.ma) and the official pages of the ONCF on social networks.
The deadline for submitting proposals for the "AL BORAQ" logo is 31 July 2018, stresses the Office, pointing out that the effective operation of the Tangier-Casablanca high-speed rail line project is scheduled before the end of 2018, after the technical commissioning on 19 June 2018 and at the end of the pre-operational phase.

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